Sunday, February 7, 2010

Events before Valentine's

Hello there, it has been a while ...and on January 15th my daughter got engaged to a nice young fellow who seems to care for her deeply and Inspires her passions in life mainly music. I am so very happy for her. She is not planning a wedding date yet I am sure she will keep me posted. I am not one of those mom's who want to plan out the entire Wedding for their daughter. If she asks me advise I will be more than happy to help but I do not want to ramrod any of my ideas down her throat.
On another note Valentine's is around the corner. The tree is still up in the living room and I still have a few other X-mas decorations to put away. I really like decorating for valentine's. I really don't have too much. But other than that the house is back to it's normal self.
I am currently working on a Medallion Borders class for the shop. I designed the quilt and I am working diligently to complete the last few steps. I actually turned my living room into a mini workroom for a few weeks to assemble this one. With my design board in front of the fireplace (unlit of course) and A Big Board in the hall of the room. It is driving my family absolutely crazy..(aren't you finished yet?). kind of like kids who are on a long trip...Actually Hubby doesn't seem to mind much we have together time. I might post a peek of it in a few days.

On another note I am completely addicted to my crazy about pincushion yahoo group. Every day someone has something to add about what they created or an idea. We just completed a swap and I recieved the cutest pink camo heart tag along. It was so much fun.

Oh, I also discovered Quilt Alongs. These are neat little groups that start out with a person who wants to make something and invites others to join in the fun. The ones I discovered tonight were. joseph's coat ...

nine patch quilt along

both of these bloggs are so neat, each has followers so you can follow the progress of others. They also have step by step instructions to tempt you. kind of like bait.
I just might get hooked...

I also discovered the Passacaglia-blocks from Tilde
these a little Lemoyne stars and it looks as though she has fussy cut them... just stunning.

I am also contemplating which one of my UFO's I will be completing this year. My new years resolution is 2 quilts.
One will be...... Many heart strings. the other must be at least 2 years old.....arrgh
Well thats all for today.......I cannot believe I have insomnia tonight . My son came home at 2:00am and I have been fighting staying awake scince then. Well at least I was able to talk to you.....

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  1. How are you going with your projects Tanya..would love to see some more photos if you have time. If you need help with your blog..please ask..I am not that technical, but I may be of help..ask away if you need.