Monday, February 28, 2011

Chocolate and Cherries Block Swap

What a suprise I had today when I opened the mailbox. Here are the blocks I recieved from my Swap of Chocolate and Cherries with the Historical Bock Swap Yahoo group . The challenge was to make a historical block using Civil War reproduction fabrics in browns and pinks. We had 4 months to complete the challenge but I choose to shorten that to 2 weeks.
The backgrounds of the blocks must have pink or brown on them..The lone star baskets I posted earlier were the ones I traded for these. I also made a set of 5 Lily of the valley blocks (in the upper left corner) .
The block in the lower left corner was hand pieced. The one above that was appliqued the old fashioned way with a running stitch next to the edge. Several ladies labeled their blocks with the block names and even the fabric lines they used. I think they are lovely..

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Dinner Table

Tonight my daughter invited me to attend the Dinner Table Opening at the U of H Clear Lake. She had 2 friends who are graduate students and who helped get the exhibit to the University. I didn't know what to expect in a Feminist Art Exhibit. Well I have to say it was very interesting and was pleased that my daughter invited me to attend.

The exhibit hosted the original concept drawings of the plates and several test plates. Each plate was a concept of the power of the woman it represented.

The University was the first place the original art exhibit was hosted at over 30 years ago. They stated that several local Art museums would not host that type of artwork. It was very interesting that this little University opened doors to this type of Art.
Check out it's permenant exhibit here:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finished..Catch Me If You Can Block

I just completed Block 1 on the Civil War blogg by Barbarbra Brackman. You can find the pattern here She is offering a block a week this year for 52 weeks. I'm a little behind but that's OK. They are easy to follow and if you have a laptop you do not need to print out the pattern just bring your computer to your cutting table. I cannot wait to start the next one.

Mailing and Drafting

Lataly it seems as though I am doing alot of mail quilting. I'm waiting for some pink and brown hourglass blocks to arrive. Today I mailed 60 blocks for the pink and yellow 9-patches for a swap due on the 28th. Next month the swaps I have are a Paducha 9-patch, scrappy niblets, and a swap for Kathy Tracy's Small talk group.

I'm in a 30's yahoo group we are having a year long block challenge. We are going to be making a different block each month. .I drafted a 6" 1930's butterfly pattern from an old photo for the group. Click on the photo and you should be able to save and print it.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dabbling into Baltimore

Over the past year I took a Baltimore class from Georganne Wrinkle. She is an excellent teacher. I enjoyed the class very much including the bits of history. I started several blocks. 2 baskets and a House block. The house block was the most fun with all of the special things that make you think of home.
Sue just Pubished her new Friends of Baltimore and I have purchased block sets 1 and 2 and the background. I am also rummaging through my stash for fabrics suitable for that quilt. I don't think I want to start it really soon though.

Red and White Niblets

Here are the red and white "Niblets "I recived from January's trade. I immediately arranged them in this configuration when I took them out of the mailing envelope. I saw something similar but I likethis one better. I originally wanted to put them into a Christmas quilt but I think they look really cute this way.

Cake Stands

Over the past 9 or 10 months I participated in a cake stand exchange. It ended in November and I was glad it was over. The blocks are sweet but you had to piece very accurately or your points would get cut off.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chocolate and cherries swap...

I am participating in several swaps. One, I just mailed 11 (12 1/2") block swap. This swap was part of the Historical block swap yahoo group. We challenged ourselves to use CW pinks andBrowns in a 12" block. I made 2 different blocks one was a block I have been wanting to make for a while is the Lone Star Basket. I had seen several patterns but I had to redraft it to a 12" block. The other block was a lilly of the valley block. That block was originally a 16" block with hand pieced inset seams. I decided to reduce the original size and paperpiece the tulip flowers. I then Appliqued them in place after stitching down the stems. I mailed them Saturday and I cannot wait to see the others decided to make.


Over the past few months I have been involved in several trades. Tonight I was working on a pink and yellow niblet. Niblets are 3 1/2" unfinished 9 patches. I am in a Yahoo group that exchanges a different colorway of niblets each month.