Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quilts for Japan..a start

Inspired by the beautiful quilts at the New York museum I decided to make a quilt or 2 for Japan. I'm the new Community Service person though our local Guild and I think this is a great cause. The Japanese Magazine said they are accepting any colored quilt from child size to adult . I think the theme of Red and White is simple and are the colors of the Japan flag. Almost everyone has a red and white fabric in their stash and making it scrappy red will tie the blocks together. Here are the first 2 blocks.

If you are interested in making a red and white 12 1/2" unfinished block to and mailing it to me to add to my quilt. Please leave me your e-mail in your post. I will only be accepting blocks untill July 31 ,2011. I will be more than happy to e-mail you my Address.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Siggie blocks and other swap block adventures...

Last week I completed my blocks for both sets of the washed and unwashed for the Small talk Siggie swap .

I mailed one set of washed blocks to one person, and a set of unwashed to another lady. These are the completed washed.

I also had another swap due the Paducaha 9 patches. I made 2 sets of 6 blocks. These had to be sent to another person. Well, I have this folder that I keep my swap info in. There is over 10 different swaps that I keep in this folder, each swap has it's own sheet protector. Well and I thought I read the right address to ship this swap and it turns out I read the wrong address. I read the address of the page next to the P9P Swap page. Well,long story short, Saturday I recieved an e-mail that my Paducah 9 patches were sent to someone who was not supposed to recieve them. I feel so stupid.

Thank goodness this person is someone who does alot of swapping and I was able to ask her to rerout my blocks. I am sending her some Kaffe Fassett Fat quarters to cover the postage.

My next swap is an unloved fat quarter exchange. These are the fabrics I am sending. We can only send in a max of 4 identical fabrics.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Allergies Who knew?

Yesterday my nose started running and my head felt swolen. I never had allergies before. I've gotten sick but not ever been allergic to anything. Got hme from work and hubby got me some Sudafed. That seemed to help but the drippy nose is really annoying.
This was a rather long week for me scince I worked 2 extra days for several ladies at work. Aaachoo. sniff, sniff. sorry that is just how I feel.
I have 2 swaps due at the end of the month. One a paducha 9-patch and the other is for the Smalltalk yahoo group. This swap is a signature pieced elongated 9-patch. I have to make 68. I have most of the pieces all cut out. The other swap I have half of the pieces cut out I'll post the blocks as I complete them. I have tomorrow off and hopefully will get most of them done.
I also have a Makenna Ryan block to make before shop hop. O.K. I'll stop whinning. I'm just glad to vent...
Ooh one more thing I discovered the dots quilt along. OOOh so tempting. I was thinking brights on a pink solid background like the icing on a cupcake. You can check out the place here. there she is posting her progress and info on how to download her patterns.
That's all for today,

Thursday, March 3, 2011

2 Hour Challenge Whew....

The Quiltville Chat Yahoo group challenged several of us to work for 2 hour in our sewing rooms. Either sorting, putting away or creating a pile to give away. For me this was a need. I hadn't gotten in my sewing room for about 3 months. Instead I had been inhabiting other areas of the house, including but not limited to the dining room and family room. I have grabbed fabric from the stash wall and left pile after pile more than once. My ironing space was unable to be seen. Everywhere was covered with fabric. I have a makeshift table for a little extra room in laying out blocks or to audition fabrics and it was a foot deep. My chair had fabric on it. and the floor was starting to accumulate fabrics too. I had taken me sewing machine out of the room and started sewing at the dining room table. So my sewing machine space was nowhere to be seen either.
Around 1:00 I asked DH to set the timer for 1 and a half hours and I started. I piled all of the fabrics into a large standing hamper. After about 30 minites several surfaces were cleared off. When the hamper was full and the sorting surface was clear I started to sort colors and al the small pieces went into the scrap bin.
I am currently working on several civil war quilts so I set a pile aside for those. The blues uncoverd 2 UFO's with lots of fabric with them. I packed those away in open plastic bins and stacked the blues back on the stash wall. I then noticed my 30's box was overflowing and toppling out so I refolded some pieces and was able to make it look very nice.
After the blues were put away I started on the reds. By this time the bottom of the hamper was in sight. Then the timer went off.
I took a short break and then went back and finished putting away the Civil war fabrics and keeping a separate place for the smaller pieces. One thing I noticed is I tend to make several identical storage baggies for like scraps. So mabye this is something I should work on. I need to Realize what type of projects I have and keeping track of them a little better . I also have large storage bins of scraps in CW, 30's, Warm and cool colors.
My room is not yet in workable order but I was able to feel some sense of accomplishment.

Later this evening I updated my Swapping Chart. This is the chart I use to keep track of which swap is due when. Most people are involved in one or two and so this is unnessary. I on the otherhand am invilved in over 8 or 9 different swaps that are due at different times and with different people. Some local and some online. I have been very pleased with the online swaps. I have recieved very good quality fabrics and blocks. Swaps for me is a way to use my fabric and get something new without buying new fabric. In a small way it helps to depleat my stash.