Saturday, March 12, 2011

Allergies Who knew?

Yesterday my nose started running and my head felt swolen. I never had allergies before. I've gotten sick but not ever been allergic to anything. Got hme from work and hubby got me some Sudafed. That seemed to help but the drippy nose is really annoying.
This was a rather long week for me scince I worked 2 extra days for several ladies at work. Aaachoo. sniff, sniff. sorry that is just how I feel.
I have 2 swaps due at the end of the month. One a paducha 9-patch and the other is for the Smalltalk yahoo group. This swap is a signature pieced elongated 9-patch. I have to make 68. I have most of the pieces all cut out. The other swap I have half of the pieces cut out I'll post the blocks as I complete them. I have tomorrow off and hopefully will get most of them done.
I also have a Makenna Ryan block to make before shop hop. O.K. I'll stop whinning. I'm just glad to vent...
Ooh one more thing I discovered the dots quilt along. OOOh so tempting. I was thinking brights on a pink solid background like the icing on a cupcake. You can check out the place here. there she is posting her progress and info on how to download her patterns.
That's all for today,


  1. Hi Tanya! I just stumbled across your post that mentions my dot quilt. I am oh so curious .. did you start? I love love your idea of bright sprinkly dots on pink .. oh my my brain is on fire! Please let me know, Jovita

  2. I started as much as purchasing the perfect pink fabric. I work at a local shop and was able to get the right shade of pink on sale. I want to start and hope to have several take along projects this year. So I need to get it prepped .I'll let you know soon when I get my block started. I just love the quilt.