Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Breakfast and House Block 1

This morning DH made breakfast for the family. My future Son in law stayed the night and so did my son's girlfriend. It was nice to have a nice group to share the breakfast table.
After breakfast DD had to go to work ant the rest of us decided to visit several Pawn Shops. Pawn Shopping is like going to an antique store for the new generation. A great place to find some older technology items from Video Games to DVD movies and music players. We came home and waited for my DD to come home. The kids decided to get out their older video games and play with them.

I decided to go to the web and see what trouble I could get in to.So I went over to the to see what updates were today. She updated the info for the sashing and cornerstones and a couple of photo's of other people's blocks.
All of this inspired me to to get started. I contacted Jantine from the blog Urban Style is going to paper piece her houses. She 's made in EQ7 a PP version of the little house block pattern. She's sharing it for free, isn't that nice of her? So if you want to paper piece too, send a mail to Jantine to ask her for the PDF of the PP-Building Houses from Scraps-block. Now I printed the patten and after I copied 6 pages and cut them apart I realized that the pattern was for a block that will measure 2 7/8" square when finished. This actually does not bother me but I'm letting you know just incase you want to check the pattern pieces and enlarge them to 3" finished before you start making multiple copies.

After cutting the paper pieces apart I sorted them into piles of A, B, C, D sections.

Then I decided look through my little scraps and I found the little tree with a star piece. This piece seemed perfect for the window. Being Christmas Eve and all I decided to use Christmas fabrics and colors too. After auditioning several fabrics I decided to use these. Then went to the sewing table and timed myself to see how long one block would take. I was pleasantly surprised that it only took 1 hour and that included taking off the papers.

Thank you ,Jeanneke this helped to make my Christmas Merry. I cannot wait to start the next one. I'm trying to get a little ahead just incase there is a day or two I cannot get to the machine and piece.


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