Sunday, December 25, 2011

2012 UFO Challenge

I've been in blogland lately and stumbled across a new blog at

Where she is hosting a 2012 UFO Challenge. I think this is exactly what I need this year. Accomplishment instead of spinning wheels. So I decided to participate, I have plenty more but these are the ones I want to see if I can complete.

Here is my list of my 12 UFO's

1. Happy Haunting

2. Spider web

3. Christina’s T-shirt
4. Tweedle Dee 9- patch
5. Tweedle Dum 9 – patch
6. Paducha 9-patch

7. Bluebonnet Mystery

8. 1930’s Bow Tie (2008)
9. Black and Pink Lone Star
10. Civil War quilt 2011 by Barbara Brackman

11. Trick or Treat (Cold Wind Blows)
12. 366 Houses the leap year quilt

I'm not too sure of the rules but for me the completed top is a completed UFO. I've had several of these for over 7 years.

So hopefully I'll be posting the progress soon.


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