Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year House...

Wow I actually made a house today. Today's house I used the scraps from a project I'm working on today. I hope you enjoy it. So now I'm up to a total of 2 houses. one extra just incase I miss a day.

Today I was working on a mariner's compass block. With these colors. I hope to show you soon when I have it more complete.

I also found out that my #5 on my UFO list is the quilt I will be working on this month. Tweedle -Dum. The center of the quilt is done I just need to Applique the vine border. I'm excited to see if this challenge will work for me.

I'll post some pictures soon.

Over the Christmas Holidays I've been cleaning out the attic. I'm getting rid of old clothes and other craft items I'm no longer interested in.

My New Year’s wish for you… Hope for new opportunities, Have faith to handle daily challenges and disappointments and Love and cherish life and share the joy of love with others every chance you get. Through God All things are possible.


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  1. You are a very ambitious lady. I saw this project, but just can't imagine making houses that small, and making them every day! Niblets are enough for me. Best wishes, Kathie L in Allentown