Sunday, January 15, 2012

First Street of Houses , Scrappy Happy Drive...

Wow, I've completed 20 houses! I needed to get a little ahead scince I'm working tomorrow and Tuesday. I cannot beieve I'm actually doing this, This seemes like the first quilt in a while I have stuck with. Each block is so charming. This is the most fun I've had in a while. It is very liberating. I forgot how much I loved scrap quilts. I'm not planning any colors other than trying not to put too many brights in a row or I'm adding darker colors with the brights. I'm repeating fabrics here and there.

Here is how I am assembling the addtional rows. I'm attaching the cornerstones to the sashing strips on one side and also to the bottom of the houses.

These are then sewn together. Scince the first row is going to be the top of the quilt this next stip does not need to have a strip across the top.

I then sewed the rows together. I attached half of the 3rd row because 1) I don't want to lose any houses. 2) I want the quilt parts to be together when I bring this with me places. When I attach the rest of that row I'll have to unstitch a few stitches before attaching it..

This is only one half of the width of the entire quilt. I kinda wish I would have stopped with 7 in a row to indicate a week but 8 is nearer to the halfway mark. I am planning on making the top corner then after this section is complete I'll add vertical rows. to complete the top half of the quilt. I'll do the same with the bottom section. After that I'll start on the middle section of the quilt. I think this will be the easiest way for me to take it along. Thanks Jeanneke, for this wonderful project. I love it.



  1. Just love your houses. I like the way you are sashing them as you go along.

  2. They are just adorable! I look forward to following your blog!