Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sashing the Houses

After thinking about it for a few days I decided I need to add the sashing as I go. I'm planning on bringing this little quilt to the Quilt Shop where I work on the day's I work. I needed something that will hold up to this type of travel. I decided to use a solid black #1 there is no right or wrong side #2 black does not compete with the patterns going on in my blocks. I'm trueing my blocks up to 3 1/4" and the sashing strips are going to be 1"x 3 1/4" with 1" cornerstones. I am choosing to use a wide varity of colors for the cornerstones and use up all of those tiny little 1"scraps.

I sewed the top and bottom of the sashing strip to the block first. I laid out the other sashing strip and cornerstones. Then I stitched the cornerstones to the sashing strip.

Next I pressed all of the seams toward the sashing strips.

I made sure to pin at the begining and end of each piece. That way I could ensure straignt seems and locked innersections.

I uploaded pictures on how I attached the rest of the row using the same process.

Now to go make block (4)


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