Thursday, January 5, 2012

Building Houses 4,5,6,7,8 and Bubblegum blocks

I spent the day building more houses. I found it easier to find the roof first and then plan the rest of the house. Which is completely different than actually building a house.

Sometimes the window fabric works sometimes not. The Geisha house did not want to be contained so I let her have the entire wall.

The tiny bee was a suprise I didn't know I had.

A little flower power.

How about a Sunroof or sunflower roof.

Some fabrics scream and want to be bright and I try to pair them with some toned down fabrics. Scince I'm planning on using everything I don't want a perticular block to stand out too much. That is what was happening with the house with the yellow front. The yellow was way too bright so to tone it down some I added a vine to the yellow and to the green I added stripes. I used a green Micron on the yellow and on the green I used a black micron and a ruler. I eye-balled the spaces between the stripes. I'm planning on taking these little cuties to work with me. I'll be at work tomorrow and Saturday is our annual sale and I'll be exhausted after that. So I needed to have my blocks for those days done.

Yesterday I started cutting the blocks for the Just takes 2. I used the Back basting method to make the 4 heart block, and ...Yes, I'm a lefty.

I used a pencil to trace the pattern on the backside of the block. Then I used a thread darker than the piece I'm appliqueing to baste on the drawn line.

These are 6" blocks and they are easy to complete. I don't think they all will be 6" but they are fun to make and you don't have to choose a new fabric with each new combination. The one on the left is block 1 I still need to applique the circle in the center. the block on the right is the square in a square it was pretty easy to do and after each step they had you true up the section.

Whew, now to finish appliqueing the hearts...



  1. I love the Geisha wall. It inspires me to use some face fabric I have sitting in my stash. The multi-colored corner stones are charming and playful.

  2. Love all your houses , they `re so cute !

    Have a nice day


  3. Thank you they are alot of fun and addicting.

  4. Fun houses! Great way for us to use up our scraps!