Thursday, January 12, 2012

Door Installations and Houses 9,10,11,12

Started the day a little slow. I started with the outer blocks of the Pink Lemonaide from HumbleQuilts. I managed to make 2 blocks and then got on to the Construction Zone. Scince I was still working with some 1930's repro's I decided to make a house out of those colors. The picture turned out really bright so I'll shoot it again when I have the row together.

The doors installations went very well. I really like only having to make the decision of 2 colors for the Door and the door frame. I think I'll do this process with the roof's as well plus Ill get rid of some of those 2" half square triangles that have been hanging around waiting for that special project.

House 10 had some odd color combo's but it looks nice.

House 11 looks like a purple log cabin.

Block 12 Freckled Sky with pink pansy's in the window.

After I constructed these today I went to Church and visited with the Quilting Ladies there and had a nice dinner and we sorted fabrics into color boxes. A new Wooden cabinet was installed at the church before Christmas to hold the fabric bins. Awesome. This should make it easier to get the fabrics out for quilt kits and making the process of assembly much more proficient. It was nice to feed the soul and fellowship with my friends. I took one box of very small pieces home to Iron and weed out the tiny pieces. I was able to Iron 3/4 of the box.

Goodnight, hopefully tomorrow I'll have time to construct a few more houses. I really do not want to be behind on this because I know it will be very difficult for me to get back on track.


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