Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Modern Bee

On Sunday I was invited to attend a bee with some of the girls from the Houston Modern Guild. Knowing that I always arrive everywhere late I decided to pack the night before and leave a little early. Scince I left early I actually arrived early. I met Amy, and started to unpack my stuff. I was so happy to be at a real sew-in in over 6 months. I started marking my quarter square trianges that were due to swap the day before. While marking these little squares I was intrigued by several of the cute wonderful colororful mini quilts. And then I noticed the Chest or cabinet where Amy stores her fabric. It was vertical. I have never seen a vertical stash before.

I soon started sewing my quarter square triangles. I was going to town, hoping to complete this task before I left the bee. I sewed on both sides of the diagonal line one way and then decided to sew diagonally the other way too, and in no time all of my stitching was compete. So all I needed to do now was to cut the triangles apart and resew them. That's when it hit me. Holy cow! I just made 40 x 4 Barbie party hats. I sewed 2 sides of the triangle together to create a triangle with 2 sewn seams. Oh well at least I brought my seam ripper and that's what I did the rest of the bee. The FROG STITCH!

No matter, the conversation went from places to purchase online fabric, to fabric styles, and types of projects. I even pulled out my houses and shared them too. Liz brought her Ipad and was sharing differnt places on the web to discover. From new rulers to neat patterns.

Amy worked on hand quilting and Fe was attaching the binding to a baby quilt using a wide Zig-Zag. It turned out really cute. I'll have to try that sometime. Gabi was working on assembling a quilt that had rings of blocks. It looked really cute too.

I had a really fun time. We even planned a game night. I cannot wait.

Oh and I discovered a Virtual Retreat recently. It's on facebook and on February 29th quilter's from around the world will be participating in an all day sew-a-thon. Mostly it is to connect people from all over who would not be connected other wise. We even planned a fun signature-swap.