Sunday, February 5, 2012

My houses 21-32 and a completed top an Auction Quilt

The first subdivision is comming right along. Wow, I'm now into the first week of February and 4 half rows done. If you look close I'm adding a cheater block here and there.

Blocks 21 and 22

23 and 24, thanks to my friend Elizabeth, for helping me find the cute snowmen.

25 and 26 the one on the right is my quilters dream house with my very favorite fabric (wonky quilt blocks) as the roof pins in the door and a painter's pallate as the windows.

27 looks like a Summer Cottage and 28 The house where love resides. Roses for upcomming Valentine's Day.

29 and 30 has a green floral print (around the door) I used in an outfit I made for my daughter when her grandma was going through Chemo treatments. She picked out the fabric and I even made a Bandanna to match.

31 is Bow the cow, when my family went to the amish country a few years ago. we stayed at a place where ther were cows that roamed right infront of our cabin. One had a cute white patch of fur in the center of her head that looked like a bow. I really love the Amish country and the simple life. and 32

The last photo is my completion for January. A friend asked me to make a quilt for her for a Homeless Auction. She handed me a bag of precut squares and it contained the brown ticking border and the inner border and binding. In out Community Service materials I found the pre appiqued center. I just trimmed it up to the width and length of the blocks. I added a few more pieces of the floral to the quilt to help it sparkle. Wendsday I sent it to the quilter and Yesterday I got it back. I've been binding it today during the Super Bowl. I'm almost done. I think it turned out lovely. Hopefully I remember how to make a seamless binding. Ugh...
Tomorrow is the Guild meeting and I need to bring my community service project stuff.



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    1. I was planning on doing some today but my extended family took me to the beach on my day off. We went and payed mini Golf. I cannot wait to get back to those addicting houses. I think I'll have more time after the first week of March. I'm planning a Community service quilt Sew-in at the guild on the first Monday.

    2. Tanya, your houses are wonderful! its fun to watch your progress. :)

  2. Are you really doing the house a day project? I considered it but thought it would drive me nuts.

    1. Laurie, I am not doing one a day but I have them on my cutting table and still adding to them here and there between projects. I just Love 'em.