Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Crossed off the Bucket list...

There are few times in life where you can simply enjoy a moment in time and feel at peace, happy, and amazed all at the same time. Well Monday at our local guild I was able to do just that. I met and heard a brief concert by The Singing Quilter, Cathy Miller and her husband I think his name is John. They have voices of Angels. I introduced myself and she told me a brief history lesson of several of the songs which added to my interest. Both of them were very charming and they sounded and looked exactly as I had imagined for years.  You see I discovered her music at a funeral of my dear friend and quilting goddess Terry Morris who died in 2003. Ever science then I have been listening to her music. Every car I drove had her CD, sometimes two of them and I'd switch them out. The music always put a smile on my face as well as a warm feeling because I love folk music and quilting. There is no wonder they were on my Bucket list.
When I told Cathy about crossing her off my list I think she was a little surprised.  She then asked if I had a camera and I told her I left my phone at home. Her hubby got out his camera and took this quick snapshot, they said they would e-mil it to me. How sweet, it arrived this morning. I think it turned out great.
Bucket list crossed off
- Bonnie Hunter class
-Brenda Papdakis retreat
- Cathy Miller and John singing quilter "Live"
-see how indigo is made


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  1. I wasn't even smart enough to know who she was. I'd heard You Can Quilt That Out once or twice on utube.... that's it. I only bought one cd, the test are going on my Chtistnas list.