Thursday, October 22, 2015

Going Batty down a County Road

My sweet daughter loves black and anything to do with Halloween.

 All of her shoes are black, her entire closet is filled with black clothes. So a few weeks ago she was counting the days the stores would put out their Halloween decor. We both love making cookie cutouts, and she found some in the Halloween themes, Bats, Spiderwebs, Coffins, cauldrons etc. she baked and iced the cookies with black icing. She liked the bats the best because they could have expression. She made a silly one, a scared one and an angry one. All of the these were too cute!

A week passed and I noticed the Lori at was offering another one of her Mystery quilts. So at work I noticed a beautiful black print that looked like Christina would like it. I thought Hmm. Maybe I would make her a small quilt for her wall or Kitchen table when she finally moves out. I chose a Purple and a light shirting to go with it and I cut out one block and laid did a small layout of the quilt on a mini design board. 


When she got home from her job that evening she saw the pitiful arrangement and asked "Who is that for Mom?" O.k., just to fill you in she has never asked that question before, so I was in a state of amazement. I usually have to get her attention and ramble on about what I am up to. But this time she was actually interested and so I said "it's for you dear, for your kitchen table when you move out or you can hang it on the wall." Then she promptly said. " I have no use for a small quilt I want a lap
size or a twin size, I Love the colors." Oh, goodness, so now I'll need to make 90 blocks instead of 9! And I will be happy to do it. The next day I dragged hubby to the Fabric store to get the rest of the 9 yards needed to complete the top. I lead a Wool group and needing more things to inspire them I felt inclined to create a small block that resembled those cookies that my daughter made. "Going Batty" refers to the 90 blocks I am going to make. I could also use this block as a label square for the back of the quilt when the top is complete.

I decided to complete the County Roads little quilt with this block in the center to show my wool group. I also told the group about the Humble Quilts blog. After the group is over I'll take out the center strip and use the top and bottom sections for the finishing the quilt top rows.

Thanks Lori for inspiring so many, and in my case creating memories.

Happy Stitching 




  1. I'm so happy you linked up! I really like your version!!

  2. I love your twist on the color scheme for Country Roads, though maybe your little one should be Haunted Hollow! : )

  3. What a creative version of Country Roads. I am sure your daughter loves it :)

  4. I love the colors and fabrics in your Country Roads quilt! The middle block is too cute.

  5. Very cute! Love that center block and how you made this quilt your own. Great finish.