Thursday, April 21, 2011


Just nod and smile was the advise a dear friend gave me for my most recent visit from my Mother. Visits from Mom have never seemed to be comfortable. There is always some underlying agenda or duty. As much as I love her and I do, I feel there is always a misunderstanding of what a Parent-Grandparent relationship should be. Needless to say the visit left me feeling as though I wanted to shave my head.
I guess what I learned the most was what I do not want to be as a parent.
I want to be involved in my kids/and future grandchildrens lives. I want to treat them as though they are special and precious. I want to make the effort to make sure they know this.
I may not always like the decisions they make but I will always love and cherish them. I will try very hard not to judge them, they will have enough of that from piers and co-workers .
I'm so glad I have 2 wonderful kids who constantly make me proud. C & D, you are a Joy and a Treasure and I love you both very much.

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  1. I am proud of YOU for learning more about yourself. And don't shave your head. Your hair is far too pretty!