Friday, April 15, 2011

Happenings for the week

It's so nice to get little packages in the mail, I recieved blocks from Maryellen and Kathryn. Thank you ladies, your blocks are lovely. I will add them to the others I have so far. I also recieved the unwashed signature blocks from the Small talk group. Now I'm waiting on the washed blocks to arrive.

At the GCQG guild meeting last week my good friend Patsie gave me some blocks that once belonged to Gladys. There were 14 blocks and many of them were pieced with a dome in the middle. I decided to cut the blocks apart, true them up and reset them. I guess I just couldn't think of accepting another UFO. In the baggie with the blocks was more fabric to make more blocks and the border fabric. I was able to cut the sashing from the leftover background and the navy print worked just great for the cornerstones.

I wanted to finish these before the next guild meeting. I am hoping to inspire the quilters in my guild to make string pieced blocks. I just love string quilts and they are a great way to use up your scraps.

I Here is a sweet picture of my Angel playing with and her hamster. I just love how they seem to have the same cute smirk on their face.
I just completed my first block from the King George III SAL quilt from . The blocks can be done in 6" or 4". I paperpieced the block but the patterns are written so you could hand piece them. The original quilt was made with 4" blocks. I cannot wait to start the next block.

I'm not too happy with the contrast but if I make a few more I just might.

I made this Little Lone Star Qult as a challenge a while back. It's just the right size for a centerpiece. It is also the same pattern for the center of my borders quilt pattern. I thought I would share it today. I'm in a yahoo group that loves the 30's . I'm gonna share it with them too. We are doing a challenge where we make a block each month. So far everyone likes butterflies. Several of our members have designed blocks for the group it is really neat.

I'll share more blocks as they arrive or get completed.



  1. Tanya, your siggy blocks are lovely..can't wait to get mine! btw i'm in the middle of piecing my red & white quilt block for you :) cheers, Marian

  2. Your siggie blocks look wonderful! I belong to the same SmallQuiltTalk, but passed up doing this swap, sometimes life gets too busy!!! I look forward to seeing how people put them together!! Your little lone-star is a delight, and I agree string blocks are a great way to use up scraps, I love the way you set them!!! Oh! cute hampster LOL!!!